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Product highlights

Navitas AC Conversions

Ready for some serious performance upgrades? Performance doesn't get more serious or impressive than a Navitas AC Conversion. Once installed and paired with the correct supporting mods you will reach speeds of 25mph without even trying and speeds of 30mph+ is possible with only a few small setting changes!

Eco Battery

Tired of filling your Lead Acid batteries with water or accidently forgetting to do so? The answer is Eco Battery Lithium! No maintenance, fast charging, fraction of the weight, and the ability to handle the requirements of any aftermarket performance upgrades! Did we mention the increase in range? Stock motor/controller carts with lifts are seeing roughly double the range!!!

ECOXGEAR Bluetooth Sound Bars

ECOXGEAR is number one in powersports sound equipment. When compared to similar products that cost $800+ you'll swear the ECOXGEAR is the more expensive product, but it's not! These soundbars will bring you extraordinary sound quality for a fair price. They don't only provide amazing sound they also have full RGB lighting in the speakers and a light bar on the rear. Multiple models available 26" wired version, 26" lithium battery operated, and the new 360 degree sound 32" bar.

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